Video gamers battle at Winter Gamefest 2012

SAN DIEGO - Gamers flocked to San Diego for an epic battle at one of the largest video game tournaments in Southern California.

The 8th annual Winter Gamefest 2012 kicked off Friday night at the University of California, San Diego Prince Center ballroom. The gamefest featured the latest in video game equipment and technology.

"Every single year, we've got more and more funding. The Gamefest just kind of fed on itself. Last year, we broke 2,000 people," said technology director Josh Stolze.

Over 70 televisions, 50 consoles, and 100 free games are set up at the center for two days. Over 2,000 video gamers battle each other for cash and prizes. 

"This year, we have a record amount of prizes for the tournament. We will be giving  away $7,000 in prizes. This is a chance to find out who really has gamer skills. It really is a lot of casual gaming," said Stolze.

The Winter Gamefest 2012 is open to the public and ends Sunday.