Money toward the state's veteran's services may be cut under Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed budget.

As a way to slash more than $12 billion from the budget, Brown proposed to cut about $10 million in San Diego County Veterans Services. The cuts could eliminate programs like Operation Homefront, which started last year.

"It's a shock to me," said State Senator Mark Wyland, R-Carlsbad. "They've given an awful lot to this country and you can't tell me that out of a budget of tens of billions of dollars, we can't find $10 million to help these people."

Wyland said it's important to find wasteful spending. He said he'll propose legislation that will audit every single dollar the state spends.

"It's just going to be harder to give them the help that they need as they come back into society," he said.

The county currently has about 234,000 veterans, which is the most in the state.

Rocky Chavez, acting director of the Department of Veterans Affairs issued this statement: "The California Department of Veterans Affairs is committed to serving California's veterans during this challenging economic time. While it is incumbent upon all of government to make tough but necessary cuts, CDVA will continue to provide the assistance needed to our state's veterans."

It's still unclear how services will be affected within the county.

The Governor will revise his budget in May and an enacted budget will be in place by the summer.