Catholics are challenged to let go of technology this Lenten season and grab onto God.

In Sacramento, Bishop Jamie Soto believes more people are becoming addicted to the internet, iPhones, and Facebook. He's not asking for an all out ban, instead suggesting a seasonal cutback.

Bishop Soto suggests spending the extra time away from technology and to increase praying.

A member of a San Diego Catholic church, Maria Perez admits, "We all go to church every Sunday, so I don't know about that."

Yet, Perez is giving up one thing, "Watching TV is what I'm gonna give up. That is gonna be tough because I like to watch the Telenovelas." She's not alone, some her family is giving up time on the Blackberry, iPhone, video games, and the iPod.

Another member, Yolena Albin, believes it's a time to practice spiritual discipline by giving up technology.

"It will give us more of an opportunity to reflect and see if we can better ourselves and be in prayer," Albin reflected.

The Lenten season started February 17th with Ash Wednesday and ends February 4th on Easter Sunday.