Siblings killed in Coronado rampage laid to rest

SAN DIEGO - A funeral was held over the weekend for two victims from a deadly Coronado shooting that occurred two hours after the new year.

"It's great testimony to the people of Bakersfield who come out and support the lives of these two people - David and Karen Reis," Reis family spokesperson Jay Rosenlieb said.

A service held at a church in Bakersfield Saturday was standing room only and represented how much of an impact the two had on peoples' lives. 

"The family is feeling incredibly supported, carried and cared for by the members of this community," Rosenlieb said.

About 1,000 came to show their support and although there were tears, there were also smiles as friends reminisced.

"The family wanted in every respect to have them stay together. That's why they were transported from San Diego together, back up here to Bakersfield."

It stayed that way as the bodies were ushered to the gravesite with an escort from the freedom riders.

"It was unlike many brother-sister relationships. They were very close to one another," Rosenlieb said.

Two doves were released in respect to the pair of siblings.

David was a Navy pilot and for his final goodbye, there was a flyover.  

Karen was a former volleyball at the University of California, San Diego. Her teammates said she made everyone around her feel special.  

"She was just fun, passionate, inspirational, loving kind. She served everyone. She had a servant's heart," Karen's friend Rebecca Bailey said.

Before the team said their goodbyes, they shouted out a cheer in her honor, "mess with us and we'll mess with you."

David and Karen were laid to rest in a companion grave.