Luxury car-theft ring nets 4 in San Diego

SAN DIEGO -- Four San Diego-area suspects in a car-theft ring that shipped luxury vehicles to Iraq were behind bars Wednesday.

In addition to the local arrests, nine people were arrested in the Detroit area this week and another suspect was at large, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The agency's nearly two-year-old investigation was dubbed "Operation Hot Wheels.''

Sabah Hermiz, 57, of Sterling Heights, Mich., and El Cajon residents Sala Hanna, 57, Samir Daly, 48, and Ramzi Yousef, 58, were arrested in the San Diego area this week.

Hermiz, Hanna and Daly were each arrested on suspicion of transporting stolen property. In addition, Hermiz faces conspiracy charges, according to ICE. Yousef was arrested on suspicion of mail fraud, agents said.

According to an indictment unsealed today in Detroit, the ring rented vehicles from national chains in Michigan and Ohio, drove them into Canada, then filed police reports that claimed the vehicles were carjacked or stolen in the Detroit area.

Five of vehicles allegedly carjacked or stolen were found by the Canada Border Services Agency in shipping containers headed to Iraq, agents said.

Among those arrested in the Detroit area was alleged ringleader, Adnan Hana, 57, of Sterling Heights, Mich.

Others arrested in the Detroit area were Jason Hana, 27; Heather Hana, 29; Nazar Quiryaqous, 46; Wasem Aziz, 26; Peter Barno, 28; Youkhanna, 24; Nilton Asmar, 30; and Ghanim Hanna, 59.

Danieal Korkis, 46, also of Sterling, Mich., remains at large, according to ICE.