Moonlight Beach

Moonlight Beach (May 23, 2011)

ENCINITAS, Calif. -- The Moonlight Beach project in Encinitas was announced the winner of its "Best Restored Beach Award" of 2011, according to a coastal preservation group.

The American Shore and Beach Preservation Association awarded Moonlight Beach for its family recreational area and partnering up with a local hospital for its restoration resources.

In 2009, the City of Encinitas obtained 5,000 cubic yards of sandy material from Scripps Memorial Hospital during its parking structure excavation project. The city hauled the sand to its beach to replenish it.

Earlier this year, the Public Works Department completed the first ever Detention Basin Re-nourishment project at the Encinitas beach.

"ASBPA created the Best Restored Beach award in 2001 as a way of highlighting the value of America's restored beaches," said ASBPA president Harry Simmons. "As Americans flock to our coastline during the upcoming beach season, most don't even realize they may be enjoying a restored beach."

Mayor of Encinitas Jim Bond pointed out that the beach is maintained and operated at no cost to the State.

"The Moonlight Beach Re-nourishment Projects are an excellent example of cooperation and teamwork between private/public agencies," Bond said.

The beach provides volleyball courts, lifeguard services, a snack stand, restrooms, and playgrounds to visitors. Parking in the area is free.