A popular high end hotel in Del Mar is getting back to it's usual weekend business. Friday, L'Auberge became the focal point of a murder investigation involving a playboy model 28-year old Jasmine Fiore and her ex-husband, reality TV star Ryan Alexander Jenkins.

Jenkins currently has a warrant out for his arrest, and is being accused of killing Fiore. Her body was found stuffed in a suit case in a dumpster in Buena Park. Fiore's teeth and fingers had been removed in what investigators say was an effort to hide her identity.

The Buena Park Police department sent investigators to L'Auberge after learning the couple had last been seen leaving the hotel. Investigators believe this may have been the last place Fiore was seen alive, and they say they have no reason to believe the murder was committed at the hotel. Saturday the room the two had stayed in was on hold, but the rest of the hotel was sold out for the night.

The US Marshal service currently has a $25,000 reward posted for anyone who can give them information leading to Jenkin's arrest. They are actively searching for Jenkins in Canada, where he is from and has family. Detectives detained a man Friday at an airport in Toronto who was believed to be Jenkins. After a thorough interview the man turned out to be wrongly identified and was released.

US Marshals believe Jenkins could be armed and is dangerous. His criminal background was confirmed by Canadian court officials who say Jenkins was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend in 2007.