Two candidates for San Diego Mayor just got the backing from two key organizations Tuesday. One came from a group dedicated to maintaining the city's roads and community infrastructure. The second endorsement came from the workers union committed to keeping our beaches clean and safe.

Councilman Carl Demaio's support comes from the Engineering and General Contractors Association.

"We're grateful for Carl's efforts to help reform some of the city's contracting procedures as well as his interest in the infrastructure realm in the city of San Diego," said Kyle Nelson of the Engineering & General Contractors Association

The group has more than 100 general engineering contractors here in San Diego that do sewer, drain, paving, asphalt and road building work across the county . "We're certain that Carl not only has an in depth knowledge of the needs and infrastructure problems that we have in the city, but also has a clear cut plan to fix these problems," said Nelson.

Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher's backing comes from the city lifeguards.

"Tourism is one of the leading economic anchors for the region," said Ed Harris, President of the San Diego Association of Lifeguards. "Nathan Fletcher understands thatÂ… he understands that the tourists expect to be safe, and they expect to come to clean beaches."

Harris said Fletcher is the only candidate the organization sees out on the beach regularly, and is therefore the only candidate who truly understands the needs of the people who use them.

"We're not just supporting the status quo," said Harris. "We're supporting those we believe have the leadership, the vision to move on in to the future. That's why we're very proud to endorse Nathan Fletcher."

Fletcher got another endorsement Monday by the Neighborhood Market Association which represents more than 2,000 West Coast based family owned retailers.

Also on Monday, Representative Bob Filner got the backing of the Municipal Employees Association which represents San Diego's white collar workers. He also got the backing of the local electrical workers union and the ironworkers union.

District attorney Bonnie Dumanis is also in the running. She has received the backing of some small organizations. But she's also gotten the support of several key elected officials including the County Sheriff, and the current mayor Jerry Sanders.