Sea World visitors react to tragedy
San Diego Sea World visitors are shocked over the tragedy at the Orlando Park. Most park goers didn't know what had happened, until they left the park and saw it on the news.

"I feel sorry for the trainer, they must have been so passionate about it, to die that way," said park visitor Kevin Conlin. Conlin's family was one of hundreds that were waiting to see the Shamu show, when they announced the show would not go on thirty minutes before it started. "They said that the show was cancelled, and they were sorry," explained Conlin.

However, guests were not told what was going on. "My ten year old was disappointed. He waited all day for it," said out of towner Patti Upton. Her family was making their first visit to Sea World.

Officials have not said when the show "Believe" featuring orca whales will go on again, only that they are checking safety measures at all their parks. San Diego Sea World spokesperson David Koontz said in a statement, "We're terribly saddened by the loss of the member of our Sea World family."