'Idol' Kris Allen offers advice for Jessica Sanchez

SAN DIEGO - "American Idol" Season 8 winner Kris Allen treated San Diego fans to a private performance Tuesday afternoon and offered a bit of advice to current contestants.

The singer/songwriter, who beat out San Diego star Adam Lambert for the "Idol" crown, was in town promoting his sophomore album at the Star 94.1 studio. 

“I felt like I put a lot of emotion in the songs,” said Allen of his latest album "Thank You Camellia" to be released May 22.  “I felt like I was more involved in this one.  I felt like my ideas were the ones that came out.”

The album is named after the street in Los Angeles where Allen stayed with friends while recording. 

“Just the company of being around friends while making a record, it was kind of an emotional rollercoaster so it was nice to be able to call that place ‘home,’” he said. 

Allen referred to Carlsbad as another one of his second homes.  His percussionist lives there. 

“I've been telling him for awhile now that I feel like I'm a local and I want to move down because I feel like it's such a peaceful place,” Allen said of Carlsbad. “It's a nice little getaway.”

Allen said he likes to walk the beach in Carlsbad and hit up his favorite restaurant.

“It’s called Norte, but the locals like myself call it Fidel’s,” he said. 

Allen gave Star lounge listeners a private performance singing four of the songs from his new album.  During the performance he whispered about local girl Jessica Sanchez.

“I said that Jessica Sanchez was my favorite, and I hate saying that to be honest with you because I remember being on the show and other people being fans of other people on the show that were not me,” he said.  “But I think that she is my favorite to win the show.”

Allen went on to say he feels Sanchez is the most ready to take on the title. 

“I think it's time for a girl to win to be honest with you,” he added.

He also offered some pointers.

“My advice I'd give to all the contestants would be just be who you want to be (and) take the criticism with a grain of salt,” he said.  “Also, make this, whatever record you’re going to make, make it whatever you want it to be.”