Demonstrators draw attention to birth choices

SAN DIEGO -- About 200 people rallied outside Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla Monday to focus attention on the dangers of C-sections and induced labor.   

“We're rallying for better births. We're rallying for the mamas,” said Dawn Thompson, Founder of which organized the event.

She said they’re concerned that one in three women is giving birth via surgery.  

“We realize the moms are coming in and asking for these inductions and C-sections, and we really believe if they truly knew what the risks were, that they wouldn't be making those choices,” she said.

Organizers said this was not an effort to come down on health care professionals.   

“This is an awareness campaign,” she said.  “We don't want to be shaking our finger at the doctors and hospitals.  What we're asking for is we start collaborating and working together.” points to the risks associated with C-sections, which can include long-term bronchial issues for babies and infections for mothers.  Krys Thornton was induced at 37 weeks and four days because her baby was big.  She said he had jaundice and had to spend four days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

“(He was) one number away from having to have a blood transfusion and that's a pretty serious side effect from induction,” she said.   

Scripps La Jolla officials said they respect a patient’s birth choices and follow the best practices for safe labor management.

“There are many high risk scenarios which can lead to C-section, but when you look at our C-section rates here at Scripps La Jolla, we really are on par with other comparable hospitals in the state of California,” said Dr. Kelly Harkey, medical director for Women and Newborn Care at Scripps Health.

Organizers said this was part of a national movement with similar rallies happening in about 100 cities across the country Monday