What's Going Around: Tree allergies

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Tree pollen season is in full swing in the Ozarks.

And this week all that sneezing is bringing a lot of people to urgent care and doctors offices.

“Start off with sneezing, itchy and burning eyes, and this time of year it can be really bad,” explains Dr. Gregory Lux, an allergist with Mercy Hospital. “Some people have difficulty focusing and working and what happens next is you get sick.”

Across the Ozarks, clinics in Greene County, Taney County and in Monett are seeing an increase in people coming in with allergy problems.

Pediatric clinics in these areas are also seeing an increase.

In Polk County, Bolivar's Citizens Memorial Hospital's walk in clinic has also seen a big increase in patients with season allergy problems.

Here's a look at the pollen count for the Springfield area for May 2nd.

The pollen count is updated on a daily basis.

Mold is moderate.

Grass is high.

Tree pollen is very high.

Weeds are moderate.

The very high tree pollen count will last for a while.

Right now we're in oak season and that lasts 6 weeks.