What's Going Around: Respiratory infection

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - If you or your child are feeling sick, and know it's not the flu it could be another illness that is going around.

It's very contagious and children, mostly young children, get sick with it the most.

It's called RSV.

It's a respiratory infection that goes directly into the lungs and can cause bronchiolitis.

Inflammation and mucus in the tubes in the lungs prevents air from getting in and out and makes it more difficult for children and adults to breathe.

"It's a pretty bad infection for them to have," says Dr. Christopher Spinelli, a pediatrician with Ozarks Community Hospital. "They can get bronchiolitis and need Albuterol treatments or oxygen if it’s bad enough."

RSV symptoms start out just like any other cold such as a cough, stuffy nose or slight fever.

Most of these will show up within 4-6 days of coming in contact with the virus.

If RSV is more serious you could see bluish skin due to a lack of oxygen.

The patient could have difficulty breathing, a deeper cough sometimes described as a 'seal bark,' rapid breathing and wheezing.

If the infection is mild it should go away without any treatment.

If it's serious enough they could be admitted to the hospital.

This respiratory infection is very contagious.

You can catch it if an infected person coughs or sneezes on you or if you touch or shake hands with someone infected and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth.