What's Going Around: Allergies and the common cold

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Allergies are bringing along with them other sicknesses this week.

Doctors offices across the Ozarks are seeing an increase in sore throats, earaches and the common cold all associated with allergies.

In Branson, the CoxHealth Branson Urgent Care has seen an increase in sore throats from drainage.

This time of year, that sore throat is usually connected to allergies.

Health officials say to pay attention to when you feel the worse.

“If you start waking up in the morning and you have a sore throat I ask my patients when it's occurring,” says Cindy Hollis with the Ozarks Community Hospital’s Mt. Vernon clinic. “If they're waking up with it that means they're having a lot of drainage issues and its draining in the back of the throat.”

What can you do to help with drainage?

Health officials suggest using a humidifier or vaporizer to help clear up your sinuses.

A decongestant or antihistamine will also help.

If your sore throat won't go away and you know it's from allergies, health officials suggest over the counter medication or talking to your doctor about getting an allergy shot.