Wednesday's Child: Brenton 10/17

Even though he's just a toddler, that doesn't mean Brenton doesn't have a king-size personality! He is very social and likes to play and watch other kids. His favorite games are peek-a-boo and patty cake. He is a cuddle bug, so get ready to give lots of hugs. Brenton is currently benefitting from physical, speech and occupational therapies. He utilizes an eye patch, a stander, a gait trainer, knee immobilizers and ankle-foot orthotics. It is expected that he will need assistance as an adult, but he can have a great life! His caseworker would like to see Brenton in a two-parent home with at least one stay-at-home parent, due to his daily needs; however, all types of families will be considered. A smoke-free home is necessary. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services. This is a LEGAL RISK ADOPTIVE PLACEMENT. In a legal risk placement, it is expected that the family will eventually adopt the child, even though the birth parents' rights have not been fully terminated at the time of placement.  To learn more about Brenton, contact The Adoption Exchange at 800-554-2222.