A night out at the movies can be a great way to spend the weekend, but the cost of tickets and snacks can really add up.  If you've got a lot bit of patience, you can see top, box office movies for as little as a dollar - and still get the theater experience.

Windchimes Cinema shows movies just before they go to DVD.  Right now, Bride Wars, Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson's, Marley and Me and Yes Man are showing, along with along with several other movies.  It only costs $1.50.  Tuesdays is family night and you can get in for just a dollar.

Some are a little nervous about going to a dollar theater, since most aren't kept as clean as regular theaters, but Windchimes was actually voted Houston's best dollar theater - which means it's not as trashy.

If you're interested in documentaries and short videos, the Aurora Picture Show is a good option.  It's a public home theater and admission is free.  You can choose from over 800 titles, but you do have to watch in the office, though they have a new flat screen as well as a projector in the back with a comfortable futon. "We have a huge variety of programming so you don't have to be an art aficionado to find something you enjoy and appreciate," says Mary Magmann.

If you would rather watch your movies at home - RedBox is a cheap option.  Rentals are only a dollar.  There are never any late fees and there are over 12-thousand locations where you can rent and return your movies.  You can get a free rental when you sign up online.  Check the internet for RedBox codes, when you sign up you can get rentals for free.