Women & Melanoma: Study finds skin cancer rate rising
Another cloudless sky in north Texas; in fact we have 135 days just like today every single year but now researchers suggest the sun isn't the biggest factor when it comes to getting skin cancer.

That they say you can get that indoors.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic suggest that childhood sunburns and adult use of tanning beds may have helped fuel the surge in melanoma cases which in young women have jump eightfold over the past 40 years.

Julia Paternoster was diagnosed with melanoma five months ago--she has a four inch scar on her back to prove it.

She's just 31.

"I never expected that even when I found out that it was an irregular shaped mole and the doctor was concerned,” Julia recalled. “I still didn't take it seriously until i found the results."

Julia was never a big-time tanner but she's been burned a few times and tanned indoors a few times.

Baylor-Plano dermatologist Dr. Paul Martinelli removed Julia's melanoma.

"My practice is mirroring what the study showed,” Dr. Martinelli said. “More and more people every week are coming in, number one with melanoma and the people we are seeing tend to be younger and younger, especially young women in their 20's."

Dr. Martinelli said most of the women share the same bio--fair skinned, light hair, freckles and a history of tanning.

Sometimes outdoors, sometimes indoors.

He said the increase in melanoma has jumped 3% in just the last eight years.

"Included in that link is related to indoor tanning,” Dr. Martinelli said. “The majority of these young women, especially who go to tanning beds are getting melanoma, like Julia, on their trunk which is an area which is typically not exposed normally."

The Indoor Tanning Association said the study is flawed because it was conducted in a part of Wisconsin which is fairer skinned than most of the rest of the country.

Whatever the link—indoor or outdoor, Julia has seen the light and she's done with it.

"Yeah, “Julia said. “Certainly I've stopped tanning altogether."

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