Woman To Know: Kimberly Alexander

While the memory of her husband’s death is still fresh in her mind, Kimberly Alexander, has pushed on with a passion to help others battling cancer.

"Sadly, he passed away in 2010,” said Tackle Cancer Foundation Executive Director Kimberly Alexander.

March will mark two years since her husband, NFL player and Fort Worth native, Elijah Alexander died from a rare form of blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma.

Since his passing, Kimberly has been busy raising their two boys and heading their charity.

"I always knew that regardless of what happened, it was going to be my responsibility to do what I could to keep it going,” said Alexander.

The Alexanders started the Tackle Cancer Foundation in 2006. It pays utility bills for families who have kids with cancer, up to $2500 a year; they’ve helped hundreds, their way of easing the burden.

“When you go and you read the backstory, what these kids are going through, it`s just heartbreaking,” said Alexander.

Lisa Zerbo is a family friend whose son played on Elijah's youth football team. She's now a Tackle Cancer board member, working alongside Kimberly at Tackle Cancer events.

“She knew that she had to carry on Eli`s vision, his dream for the foundation, and I think she just kept right on going. I don`t think she ever thought twice about it,” said Tackle Cancer board member Lisa Zerbo.

Alexander says it’s a role she never imaged.

"I was always very comfortable being in the back, I'm not really one that likes a lot of attention,” she said.

But she hopes Tackle Cancer touches others and inspires her sons.

“It`s amazing, she does a lot. It`s a lot of work,” said Kimberly’s son Evan Alexander.

"Not matter what you always try your hardest, you don't let any obstacle stand in your way and you finish,” said Alexander

Multiple Myeloma is an incurable blood cancer common in African-American men.