Memories made ten years ago are crystal clear for members of Fort Worth's Wedgwood Baptist Church.

"I had left early from our home," says Kathy Jo Rogers. She was running late to meet her husband that night. He was a minister at Wedgwood.

"I had just walked in the back doors of the church, and I was making my way through the Sanctuary. People started running out very fearful, and no one was really saying anything."

What Rogers and others did not know was that minutes earlier a gunman, Larry Gene Ashbrook, blasted a pipe bomb, fired nearly 200 rounds and killed 7 people.

"We had stood up to sing another song, and I kept hearing the pops in the hall way. I turned back around and I saw through this glass the window his hand and the gun."

Lisa Jackson was 17 at the time. She lost two close friends that night.

"I expected to see both of them for months. I went to both of their funerals. I went to 4 funerals in the span of 3 days."

One of those funerals was Shawn Brown's, Kathy Jo's husband.

Neither woman have let the events of ten years ago define them. Kathy Jo Rogers remarried and started a family. Lisa Jackson went off to college and now works at Wedgewood where many continue to mend their wounds.

"There is still some healing to be done," says Pastor Al Meredith.

In the last decade, Pastor Meredith has been a shepherd to his congregation. Leading them on the path of healing, hope and happiness.

"If you don't choose joy and you let your circumstances and tragedies determine what you are then bitterness is like a cancer it will eat at your soul."

The evidence of that night remains. There are bullets holes through a door and shrapnel in the ceiling. The blood is gone and in its place changed people.

"I can deal with tragedy now. I know that it's going to be OK and life goes on," says Jackson.

"Ten years ago we wouldn't have been able to imagine being here in ten years. Wondering how are we going to make it that long," says Rogers.

"It's hard to make it through one day, and yet here we are."