Texas Motor Speedway Volunteers Aid Needy Families
With a convoy of more than 30 volunteers, Texas Motor Speedway’s Speeding to Help spread its support across the Mid-Cities Tuesday to help Community Powered Revitalization (CPR) make improvements to homes in need of repair.

Sweltering temperatures did not faze volunteers as they helped remove insulation and wood beams to help elevate the ceiling for an elderly couple in Euless, removed and replaced a rotted patio roof for an elderly couple in Bedford, and helped build a ramp for a family with a wheelchair-bound son battling Cerebral Palsy in Hurst. 

For 18-year-old Jose Sandoval, who is battling Cerebral Palsy, the day provided him with hope. The Sandoval family had previously struggled to get their son in and out of the house; the metal ramp at the home was unstable and froze during winter months, making it impossible to use.

With the help of Speeding to Help, the Sandoval family can now easily and safely transport their son in and out of the house, as Texas Motor Speedway employees built a new wooden wheelchair ramp.

“This is the best day ever,” Sandoval said as he watched volunteers build the ramp. “This is a real blessing for us. I’m really pleased that they can help us and I’m really excited for the new ramp.”   

CPR focuses on helping families who cannot make the necessary repairs to their homes. The program has continued to help those in need across the Mid-Cities and since it started more than three years ago, approximately 100 homes have been renovated.

Skilled volunteers included more than 15 members of Texas Motor Speedway’s operations department, who helped oversee the projects. For them, and for the other volunteers, it’s an opportunity to make a unique impact in the community.

“This is a way our staff can go out and actually get their hands dirty and do things to make a direct contribution back to the community that has been so good to us,” Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage said. “To have the opportunity to meet their son and understand what they are doing that is making a direct assistance to this family is a lot more rewarding.”

This marks the second consecutive week Speeding to Help volunteers have helped those in need in the Mid-Cities. Last week, volunteers helped feed 800 families in the Mid-Cities as Speedway Children’s Charities at Texas Motor Speedway and Feed the Children provided two trailers full of food and personal supplies.

On Aug. 18., Speeding to Help resumes in Dallas, as Texas Motor Speedway employees and Levy Restaurants will provide and serve lunch at Dallas LIFE Homeless Shelter.

The month-long program will conclude by helping usher in the 2011-2012 school year with an incentive-based pilot reading program at Clara Love Elementary in Justin.