Son of man killed in crane accident talks about his father

Terry Weaver was a husband and a father. The 50 year old from Grand Saline in East Texas was one of two men killed in a crane accident Saturday afternoon on the UT Dallas campus.

Derek Weaver is Terry's son.

"He loved heights. Heights were one thing he was not scared of", Derek Weaver said.

"It's a risk of the job.  Working cranes you always understand or have in the back of your head it could potentially happen", he said.

The second victim is 58 year old Thomas Fairbrother, Jr. of Austin.

The two men were disassembling the crane when it came crashing down.

Students on campus at the time say there were high wind gusts in the area.

"I thought it was thunder. It sounded really loud and I was in the library studying and I had my headphones on but I could hear it over my headphones. It was pretty loud", said UTD student Jennifer Evans.

The crane is being used in the construction of the new arts and technology building. The project is on hold for now.

OSHA and a team of independent investigators are at the site trying to figure out what caused the crane to come down and the best way to remove the crane.

As students returned to summer classes on Monday, the accident was on everyone's minds.

"People are very sad very somber. It's kind of hard to believe that something like this would happen at UT Dallas", said UTD Student Zoe Holden.

"We walk around the construction site on a daily basis to and from class and we weren't expecting something like this to happen so close to home", said UTD student Reema Palankar.

As for weaver, his family says they are not angry at anyone and terry died doing what he loved.

"I remember everywhere we would go, he would see monuments or he would see structures and would basically say I would like to able to climb that", Derek Weaver said.