Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, it's all work and no play… except for that hour at high noon. Lunchtime. For the cosmopolitan woman in downtown Fort Worth, it isn't always an hour for eating.

With that in mind, medical aesthetician Lisa Artman noticed a need. Last week, she opened The Skin Clinic on W 4th.

"There isn't anything that I provide that's available to them downtown, until now," said Artman.

It offers a full line of cosmetic procedures: botox, laser hair removal, and bio-identical hormones.

"Almost everything that we have is available for that lunch time break. We can get you in and out, and back to work -- and no one will know -- in less than an hour," said Artman.

This is Artman's first entrepreneurial adventure. It's all funded out-of-pocket. But, it's something she says downtown Fort Worth needs.

"We're gonna have, what we call, the lunchtime menu, which is something that you can get done on your lunchtime. So, from botox and laser hair removal..." said Artman.

What's one skipped bag lunch when you could, instead, light up the room?

"Psychologically, it's a huge boost to self-esteem. If you can improve how someone looks in the mirror every day," said Artman.