In theaters beginning tonight are two movies that feature black main characters. One is a light hearted tale of an unexpected princess, the other is an inspiring story of a nation in political transition. And both are movies that show the progression on black people in society and film.

For the movie for the family, see 'The Princess and the Frog'. It's the first time we've ever seen an African American young woman as the princess in a Disney film. We all know the tale of a girl who kisses a frog, magicall turning him into a handsome prince. But in this case it's the Prince who turns the beautiful Tiana into a frog! Set in New Orleans, Cajun charm weaves its way through the film, from the flavors to the music and even the zany characters that help Tiana and Naveen find their way home.

For the film for the date, see 'Invictus'. Morgan Freeman stars as the recently elected president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. The country is radically divided as a result of Apartheid, and the crime rate is up and the economic situation is crumbling. Mandela uses the rugby team, led by their captain played by Matt Damon, to reunite the country. Will they be avle to win the rugby world championship and help their country heal their wounds? Watch to find out!

And finally, the movie to wait for the DVD, 'The Slammin Salmon'. If you loved Super Troopers or Beer Fest, then this is the movie for you. But otherwise, you may want to wait to watch this movie at home. It's the story of a former heavy weight champ turned restauranteur, who's run into a little trouble with the mob, so he creates a contest to see which of his waiters can raise the most money in one night.