A North Texas man, who we will call "Austin", may be among the first in the state to drop his name from the sex offender registry, under the new "Romeo and Juliet" law. The measure allows young lovers to erase a teenage romance, that turned criminal.

"I have been associated with the worst kind of human beings," said the 28-year old man.

Austin says he took a plea bargain almost ten years ago, that landed him on the state registry for sex offenders. The plea followed a relationship with a 16-year old girl, when he was 18. He says the two were in love and their parents approved, but the law didn't agree.

"People want to know who did I rape and they think I am the one hiding out in the bushes."

But, Austin is hopeful that he will be able to get his name off the list because of the new law.

"It feels like a big weight is about to be lifted off my shoulders. There is a lot of hope," he said.

Austin will petition a judge in West Texas, where his case is located to set a hearing where the judge will rule on whether or not his name can be dropped from the list.

Under the law, young lovers can petition if there is fewer than four years age difference, the minor is at least 15 and the sex was consensual. Lawmakers who supported the change believe the updated measure will make a difference for a sliver of the state's sex offenders.

"We had testimony where people who had a teenage romance would get married, but because the husband is a sex offender he can't be around the kids," Dallas State Senator, Royce West, said.

West sponsored the new legislation that he says will allow valuable resources to be used to keep tabs on the truly dangerous offenders.

"We need to make sure the resources are used in the most hideous situations, as opposed to teenage love affairs," West said.