John Wiley Price Search Warrants Revealed
According to search warrants, federal authorities were looking for items and information dating back to 2001 in connection to Commissioner John Wiley Price and his executive assistant Daphney Fain. The documents seem to reveal the feds were zoning in on business dealings.

The five documents for John Wiley Price`s home, office, vehicles and person reveal what the feds were searching for on June 27.

"I`m impressed with it, wealthy people, big companies. I`d be interested to find out what it is we did wrong with them," said Price's Attorney Billy Ravkind.

According to the warrants, authorities were looking for written communications involving several high profile people including : Senator Royce West, former Dallas Cowboy Pettis Norman and consultant Kathy Nealy. Police were also looking for communications with businesses such as : American Airlines, American Healthcare & Perot Systems.

Price's lawyer says he's not concerned and doesn't think those named in the warrants are either.

"I think they`re probably taking it about as serious as I am , no. The answer to your question is no," said Ravkind.

The warrants show investigators were also looking for financial records, cash and other valuables, electronic devices, real estate records, vehicle records...and records related to Fain's company Male Man which does business as MMS Company.

Records related to Kwanzafest, Price's campaign and personal schedule are also listed. As well as photos from fundraisers and VIP receptions.

Ravkind says without an accompanying affidavit these items tell him nothing .

"Cause I don't know that they speak to any crime that was committed. You know, we're talking about bribery. If they've got something that's evidence of bribery then I'll be concerned and we'll either explain it or we won't," he said.

We reached out to several people named in the warrants. We were unable to reach them. Ravkind ays the warrant affidavit are important, because it will detail why the FBI was looking for the items listed.

Price has not be charged with anything.