High School Football: New Rules have Schools Cutting Back on Two-A-Day's
Football players are hitting the field once again. Monday was the first day of summer practice. With new UIL rules, some schools are cutting back on the amount of time players practice.

"When it gets to 105, 106, it sucks, but what are you going to do? It's football," said William Anderson, a senior at Arlington Heights High School.

Monday was the last first day of practice for Anderson, a tight end on the team. This season, he has a lot to adjust to. There's a new coaching staff, a new practice field, and new UIL regulations.

"UIL changed the rules this year, so we can only have one practice. One long practice," said Anderson.

In years past, Monday morning's practice would have been the first of the day. This year, by noon, the field was empty.

"There would really be no chance that we could come back in the afternoon. It would just be too hot," said head coach Todd Witten.

The UIL no longer allows two-a-days on consecutive days. No practice can last longer the three hours. Weight training and meetings don't count.

"We're gonna start early and we're gonna get the kids out of the heat as soon as we can," said Witten.

Witten says he's sticking with one, long, morning practice.

...with a lot of breaks.

"These guys can get dehydrated in a hurry if we're not careful," said Witten.

For more safety, athletic trainers watch over all of the practices.

"As long as you don't put me in pads and a helmet, I am happy with my job," said head athletic trainer Tara Flowers. She covered Monday's practice.

"You just roll with the kids and make sure they're hydrated and healthy," she said.

"It's Texas. We've been living here all our lives. We're ready for it," said Anderson.

Despite all of the changes, Anderson still found time for a little trash talk.

"We've got Paschal. We haven't played them in three years. I'm not worried about that. Paschal, we're coming for ya," laughed Anderson.