Where else would a grand opening gala include celebrities smashing dozens of guitars? The Hard Rock café of course!

Paulie Ayala, 2 Time World Champion Boxer smashed a guitar and says, "I've always wanted to do that in front of a audience." He, along with Michael Irvin, Herschel Walker, Mike Modano and many other famous faces, walked the red carpet. Irvin says, "I love the Hard Rock, always loved the Hard Rock all of the tradition, the heritage that goes along with it, so I'm honored to be here." They all helped start off the party evening, rocker style. Randee Strand says, "Obviously the Hard Rock Cafe is a big deal, so I didn't want to just wear jeans and heels, we're in Texas!"

Misters colled off those hanging outdoors in the posh lounge, and gourmet nibbles and stiff drinks made the rounds. As Carmony Callaway says, "The burgers are good, the chicken tenders are really good, going to definitely go to the gym in the morning."

And what better way to kick off the Hard Rock than with a performance by local band, The Old 97s! Chris Bell says, "I think they're one of the icon bands around Dallas and it's a good kick off for the venue." But will the new Hard Rock be able to compete as a serious contender in Dallas's fickle nightlife scene? Francesca Carter says, "I think this is a very serious competitor." And Jennie Williams says, "This kind of captures a different essence of Dallas, it fits, it definitely fits the area." And Amy Clark says, "Ambiance is great, it's not very touristy, kind of sexy, low key, really nice."

And the young and sexy played well into the night, mingling, drinking and rocking out to the local tunes