It's the hair women want--thick, healthy and full.

It's what Emily--who asked us not to use her last name--used to have until is started falling out fourteen years ago.

"It's devastating for women, I mean it really is," Emily said. "I had looked into hair transplant. I was willing to do whatever you needed to."

And she did--she tried steroid shots, vitamins and over the counter products with little or no results until she discovered the MEP-90.

It looks like a hair dryer but it's not.

Dr. Sheila Calderon of Hair Physics Medical Clinic in Frisco, Texas said its giving women like Emily hope.

"It's a low level light laser which means it can increase the hair follicles from the bio-stimulation."

Emily has been using the MEP-90 twice a month for six months and then at home uses another recently approved FDA device called the HairMax Laser Comb.

It uses the same technology.

Every two minutes Emily simply moves the device to different parts of her scalp.

It takes about ten minutes.

Emily said so far, so good.

"This is the first time I've had considerable re-growth," Emily said. "Plus the whole texture of my other hair has thickened and gotten better."

Emily displayed a before picture taken six months ago and says her hair today is thicker and fuller.

Dr. Calderon said that if hair loss is caught within eight years it can probably be restored to how it used to be eight years ago--and for women--that's pretty heady stuff.

"For a female it's their crowning glory," Dr. Calderon said. "It's who they are. It's their identity."

The MEP-390 costs about $75.00 for a 30 minute session while the HairMax LaserComb retails at just under $500.00. Emily said it is money well spent.

"It does make a difference when your hair is thinning on top; you are very careful outside because it's a lot more noticeable outside in the sun."

Oddly enough--a dose of laser light has Emily feeling more confident.

"I am finally getting compliments again on my hair," Emily said.