The Flower Mound Marcus - Flower Mound rivalry is Heating Up
It's the first time Flower Mound Marcus and Flower Mound won't take the field at Cowboy's stadium for their annual "Mound Showdown." There was talk that it would be moved to the new Cowboys Stadium but after many weeks of contemplation the Lewisville ISD made an agreeement with the University of North Texas and there was mixed reviews on the matter, "I definitely wanted to play at Cowboys Stadium, I haven't seen it yet but it doesn't even look real when I see it on TV," said FM Marcus running back, Stephen Hopkins."

Offensive lineman, Danny Deppershmeit, had a different take on the matter, "it's a nice stadium, I'm not going to lie but in the end it's just another stadium that we're going to play at." Head Coach Bryan Erwin agrees that the stadium is not the focal point, " the game is the most important thing and we'll play them in a parking lot if we have to."

The (1-2) Marauders won't be playing the (2-1) Jaguars in a parking lot or in any professional football stadium but the teams are okay with that, "it's a little smaller and you look up in the stands were completely packed, so from a high school stand point it's better to play in a little bit smaller stadium there," said Coach Erwin.

Flower Mound Marcus has two big rivalry match ups: "The Battle of the Axe," agaisnt Lewisville high school, and "The Mound Showdown," agianst Flower Mound high school." "The Battle of the Axe" has been around a lot longer than the "The Mound Showdown," but it's become the main rivalry in Lewisville. That's at leas what Flower Mound Marcus quarterback, Brode Boyd thinks, "I think Flower Mound is our biggest rival now, the "Battle of the Axe" is great and everything but I think the Mound has become the biggest rivalry for us."

And when the rivalrys are just across town you may have to watch where you go to dinner says Hopkins," there's only one CC's in Flower Mound, on "there side" and we'll run into them, and it's obvious we don't like eachother."

UNT's Fouts Field is on neither "side" so the two teams will have neutral ground for this important playoff deciding game.