2 Dead in Fort Worth Arson
Two men in Fort Worth are dead, after someone set their home on fire Saturday night. As police and fire officials investigate, neighbors are in mourning.

Neighbors identify the victims and Robert Hubbard, 90, and his nephew, Thomas Wheat, Jr, 67.

Hubbard was known throughout the community as a kind, helpful man. That's why neighbors are so shocked someone would commit this crime.

"I was shocked. I'm still shocked," said James Amos of Arlington. Amos went to school with Wheat.

Sunday, tape was still strewn across the yard of the southeast Fort Worth home in the 4500 block of Moorview Ave. Friends and neighbors in the close-knit community had trouble comprehending what happened inside the home Saturday night.

From the outside of the home, they say, it didn't look that bad.

"My niece, she says 'mommy, Mr. Bobby's house is on fire.' So, I come out and I saw smoke coming through the louvers. That's all I saw was smoke," said Charles Walker.

"You wouldn't know the house was on fire until I saw the smoke coming out the top," said neighbor Carol Davidson.

There was a small fire in the back of the house. By the time crews arrived, the home had filled with smoke.

"Once they kicked the door in and I saw the smoke coming out, I knew they didn't make it," said Davidson.

The fire claimed two men. Men who neighbors say will be dearly missed.

"Bobby was like a grandfather to me. So, he watched me grow up and watched my kids grow up, too. He was a sweetheart," said Davidson.

"He was just like the high sheriff of Moorview," said Walker.

"It was blazing, and it was smoking. You know, dark smoke," said neighbor Deralyn Riles Davis.

But Davis isn't talking about the fire at Bobby Hubbard's house.

Merely an hour before crews responded to the fire at Hubbard's home, they responded to a fire outside Davis' front door. She lives in the same block as Hubbard.

Fire officials won't say if the fires were related, because this is an on-going investigation.

"I have to wonder because they were so close together. I have to wonder, but I can't imagine who would do either. If there are any problems on this street, I'm unaware of it," said Davis.

Investigators will continue their investigation Monday.