Politicians from Washington state react to President Obama's speech

Moments after President Barak Obama finished his speech to the Joint Session of Congress on September 8, politicians in Washington state published their reactions to President Obama’s American Jobs Act.

Here are some excerpts from the statements that were issued:

Washington Governor Chris Gregorie:

"As our state and nation continue to recover from the worst economic times in 80 years, I commend President Obama for laying out a targeted and achievable plan to create much-needed jobs while providing necessary relief to our families and businesses."

U.S. Representative Adam Smith, Washington's 9th District:

“Closing corporate tax loopholes as part of the offset for this jobs plan also makes sense, and I give the President credit for looking at the revenue side of the budget equation in this proposal. Addressing the long-term debt crisis through a balance of responsible spending cuts and revenue increases is the direction we need to be moving in."

U.S. Senator Patty Murray:

“Among the many priorities President Obama mentioned tonight are several that I have fought passionately for in Congress. As Chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, I am working to pass the Hiring Heroes Act that capitalizes on the tremendous investment we have made in our men and women in uniform by giving them the tools needed to succeed in today’s job market. I am also hard at work across party lines to reauthorize and reform the Workforce Investment Act which helps to address a skills gap that has resulted in 3 million open jobs that employers can’t find the skilled workers to fill."

U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell:

“Tonight, the President outlined several bipartisan measures to create jobs now. He laid out ideas to create jobs in the private sector, help small businesses grow and build housing and infrastructure. Going forward, we need to continue to address the skills gap by supporting apprenticeships and job training programs that equip Washingtonians with the skills that companies need."

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn:

“From transportation grants to housing loans, Community Development Block Grants to energy efficiency programs, President Obama has helped Seattle create jobs. We appreciate that he is out there fighting for us.”

King County Executive Dow Constantine:

“My top priority has been to build prosperity and get people back to work, and President Obama tonight laid out a bold proposal to make that happen. His plan would rebuild King County’s economy by putting more people back to work, including teachers who’ve been laid off due to state budget cuts; our military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan; our first responders; the construction workers who are needed to rebuild our roads, bridges and schools; and the long-term unemployed who are struggling to keep their heads above water while looking for a job that can support a family."