State Senator Proposes Change To 3 Strikes Law
Right now there are 314 people in our state serving life in prison without the possibility of parole, for violating the three strikes law.

Enacted in 1993 the law is aimed at putting people who repeated commit serious felonies behind bars for good.

But State Senator Adam Kline (D-37th District) is proposing a bill that would ease the law and possibly let some criminals out of prison and back on the streets.

"Rapists, murders I want them out of population," the Senator told us. "I want them securely tucked away someplace where they don't need to see the light of day. The question is of those 314 people did the net that was set by three strikes catch some people it should not have caught?"

The bill would allow people who were put in prison for Class B felonies, like second degree robbery and assault, to have their cases reviewed after 15 years.

Murderers and rapists would still get life without parole.