A Federal Way man is still attracting worldwide attention for his unique ability to draw perfect geometric shapes.  A British company plans to make a documentary about Federal Way’s Jason Padgett, and a book is being written about the “accidental genius.”

Nine years ago, Padgdett was beaten up during a robbery in Tacoma.  Instead of suffering brain loss, he gained the ability to see and draw “fractals”-- perfect geometric shapes.

And his ability to draw these by hand drew the attention of mathematicians and quantum physics experts around the world, who invited him to speak at a convention in Stockholm.

 “I was invited to lecture there as to how pi works as a shape and my savant syndrome,” Padgett explained.

Specialists say he likely acquired savant syndrome as a result of the attack.

Padgett said the equation for pi is not entirely accurate because it’s based on a perfect circle, and “perfect circles and perfect spheres don’t exist,” he said.

He said the current calculation for pi actually gives you a larger number than it should.  “In most cases it doesn’t make a real big difference … but if i’m shooting a probe from Mars to Pluto, or taking a measurement across the universe … that little, tiny error adds up to a big error over a long distance.”

Scientists conducted brain scans on Padgett in Finland  to study what might be going on in his brain when he draws his perfect geometric shapes.

 “The reaction was better than what we all hoped. They’ve had savants in there before that had nothing show up.”

In his case, two specific areas in the left hemisphere lit up – the area that controls exact math and mental imagery.

Meanwhile, calls keep coming in from around the world to Padgett.  The book being written about Padgett is tentatively titled, "The Man Who Sees Space-Time."


(Video of Jason Padgett in Europe provided by Paul Synoweic, who is working on a documentary about Padgett.)