Ryan Leaf formally charged with four felony counts

Former Washington State Cougar and ex-NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf has been formally charged in Montana with four felonies – two counts of burglary and two counts of possession of dangerous drugs, the Great Falls Tribune reported Friday.

The Cascade County Attorney’s Office filed the charges in court Thursday. If convicted, Leaf could face a maximum prison sentence of 20 years in prison for each burglary count and five years for each drug possession count.

Leaf was arrested in Great Falls, Mont., on March 29 and then again on April 1 in connection with the theft and illegal possession of prescription medications.

According to the Great Falls Tribune, court documents allege that when Leaf was questioned by investigators from the Central Montana Drug Task Force about suspicious packages he was receiving from Florida, Leaf initially claimed to have received an herbal supplement through the mail in September or October of 2011, but denied receiving any other packages or paying cash for them.

A subsequent search of his pickup truck and golf bag produced one pill bottle of the sedative oxycodone and a second empty pill container. Leaf later admitted to illegally entering a golf partner’s home and stealing the medication.

Three days after his first arrest, the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office said Leaf was a suspect in a second burglary. A Great Falls couple had returned home earlier that same day to discover Leaf’s black pickup in their driveway and Leaf inside their home. The couple did not know Leaf, and were not aware of his prior arrest. Leaf told them he had mistakenly entered the wrong residence and left.

The couple later discovered three different prescription medications had been taken from a small black bag in the far west bedroom of the residence. The drugs taken included lorazapam and hydrocodone. The couple identified Leaf as the man in their home from a photo lineup.

When police arrested Leaf on the second burglary charge, they allegedly located 89 hydrocodone pills in his residence, the Tribune said.