Neighbors hear about level-three sex offender moving into Marysville

People in one Marysville community know a lot more about a level-three sex offender who now lives in their neighborhood.

A community meeting was held Wednesday night to notify residents that Glen Edward Thomas, 49, is now one of their neighbors.

According to court records, he was just 17 when he committed a horrendous crime. He kidnapped a 3-year-old boy from his front yard, took him to a park bathroom, bound him with tape, and sexually assaulted him. He served 32 years in prison and just got out last month.

"Most sexual victims or victims of sexual assault are someone that the perpetrator knows or has groomed through the years or maybe a relative, but this child was not known to him and he was basically taken off the street,” says Sgt. Deryck McLeod with the Marysville Police Department.

McLeod held the notification meeting at the Marysville Police Department.

Neighbors were concerned because Thomas now lives a half-block from a subdivision full of families and young children. Some came to the meeting with questions.

“Having a level-three in the area so I just want to learn more about it and be aware of the situation and how to watch for problems,” neighbor Bob Blakeney said.

"I think it’s important for me to know what’s going on. I know that there are many sex offenders in the area,” neighbor Wendy Schneider said.

The reality is there are 176 registered sex offenders in the city of Marysville, 17 within a two-mile radius of Thomas’ home, including six others who live in the house with him.

Notification meetings are held so the public can be informed and be aware and talk with their children.

McLeod said residents have every right to be nervous, but sex offenders like Thomas also have every right to live where they want after serving their time.