Lynnwood gambling ordinance affects kids' games at Chuck E. Cheese's

A family enters the Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant in Lynnwood.

Parents in Lynnwood say their kids are being cheated because a new city gambling ordinance is preventing kids from winning big prize tickets inside the local Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza restaurant.

The ordinance won't allow games at Chuck E. Cheese’s to spit out more than four tickets any time, no matter the player's score.

Lynnwood banned gambling in the city limits in the 1970s. Apparently, Chuck E. Cheese’s games for profit fall under this umbrella. Chuck E. Cheese’s must limit the winnings on its games to just four tickets per play.

At Monday night’s City Council meeting, council members hoped to change this and allow the pizza restaurant to reward better play, but the council didn`t get enough votes to change things. Chuck E. Cheese’s would like to see this law changed because Lynnwood customers aren`t getting a true experience. Some parents would like to see the rule changed, too.

“I think it`s kind of ridiculous,” said Kelly Guillaume, a concerned mother. “It`s a kids place. It is not gambling. So, yeah, I think it`s a little ridiculous. Kids are at home playing video games. They come here and play video games. We pay for this. Why not allow them to have their skills better rewarded?"

Lynnwood City Councilwoman Kerri Lonergan Dreke is leading a push to get the ordinance changed.

"Chuck E. Cheese's has had a lot of customers complain that when they bring their kids there, their kids are feeling shortchanged and cheated. So they`re going to other Chuck E. Cheese's," she said.

"It`s silly. We`re not talking about amending the whole ordinance. We`re talking about amusement games. You`re not likely to have corruption or other nuisances that sometimes follow bigger gambling issues," she added.