Hundreds of people showed up for a King County Council meeting Tuesday night to protest proposed cuts in Metro bus service.

People packed the meeting at the King County Courthouse in downtown Seattle and scores of others lined up down the street to try to get in.

The County Council has said it will need to cut Metro bus service by 17 percent because of a shortfall in the budget – or raise car tabs on vehicle owners an extra $20 for each of the next two years.  If the cuts in bus service are made, there will be fewer routes and reduced trips.

People of all ages showed up in force to express their feelings.

“I went in here because I don’t have a car, I ride the bus," said a girl about 10 years old who identified herself as Anya. "If the bus is gone, that’ll be a really big change for me because I’m use to it. I’m use to the bus.”

The nine-member council has two options.  By a simple majority vote, it could put the car-tab request before voters. Or, a super-majority of six could enact the new fee without going to the voters.

Another hearing on the proposed car tab increase and possible bus service cuts will be held in Burien next Thursday at 6 p.m.