Eyman launches new initiative to require a two-thirds vote in Olympia to raise taxes

Tim Eyman talking Tuesday about his new ballot initiative for the fall.

Initiative guru Tim Eyman has another measure he’s pushing for the fall ballot – one that probably sounds familiar.

Eyeman just kicked off his signature drive for Initiative 1185, which would require a super-majority -- a two-thirds vote -- in the Legislature to pass any tax increase. 

If you thought that there was already had a two-thirds requirement, you would be right.  Voters have approved at least two Eyman measures in recent elections that have set that exact bar.

The problem for Eyman is that initiatives can be repealed after two years. The Legislature did that just a few years back to approve new taxes on soda, bottled water and other items.

“That was a wake-up call to us that we need to pass the two-thirds every two years and never give them an opportunity to take it away,” Eyman said.

“You need this extra protection,” Eyman said of his new initiative.

Eyman’s most recent tax limiting measure (I-1053) was passed in 2010 and can therefore be scrapped by lawmakers as early as January. 

“If not for the two-thirds, this legislative session would have been a mind-blowing, tax-hiking orgy down in Olympia,” Eyman said.

“He’s a salesman,” state Sen. Adam Kline, D-Seattle, said. "If you ask him which taxes are too high, on whom, what is funded too much, where’s the fat in the budget, he won’t answer.”

Eyman has until July to collect 300,000 signatures to put the initiative on the ballot.