It's been nearly a year since Frank Blair's daughter Sheena and her friend Martin Ramirez were killed by a drunk driver.

Last month, a Snohomish County judge sentenced Camille Spink to seven years behind bars for the crime.  Sheena's dad thought that would bring his family some sort of comfort.... but he was wrong. 

“After the adjudication process is complete due to lack of distraction you're just left with pure grief," says Blair.

State Representative Steve Kirby is a longtime friend of the Blair's.  He is sponsoring three bills this session cracking down on drunken driving, one which would stiffen jail time for first time offenders.

"The current law is that if you blow a .15 or less you do a day in jail.  This bill changes that to three days in jail.  If you blow a .15 or higher, it goes from two days in jail to a week," says Kirby.

Under HB 1556, the drunk driver would pay for all jail costs.  Rep. Kirby wrote two other bills, but he’s not optimistic about their chances.

“I know the realities of our budget situation this year, so I won't be shocked if these bills can't move on because they're too expensive," says Rep. Kirby.

HB 1555 would raise the sentencing guidelines for fatal DUI crashes from vehicular homicide to First Degree Manslaughter.  HB 1557 would make it a felony after a driver’s third DUI in ten years, rather than the current five.  Combined, the bills carry an estimated $20 fiscal note.

Frank Blair says he will be patient but never give up in his fight for tougher DUI laws.

"The reason we're so involved with trying to change DUI laws is to prevent other families from experiencing that knock on the door in the middle of the night.  It's our moral obligation to do that," says Blair.

There will be a hearing on HB 1556 and several other DUI bills in Olympia on February 14th.  We plan to be there and bring you the testimony of Frank Blair and several other family members of DUI crash victims.