Family of Jennifer Pimentel filled a Clallum County court Friday afternoon as her accused killer and his girlfriend entered not-guilty pleas.

Pimentel’s cousins and aunt will remember her for many reasons. Recently, they got tattoos of Pimentel's birthday and an image of her favorite beanie baby, both to commemorate her life.

Kevin Bradfield is the man accused of killing Pimentel, a developmentally disabled Seatac woman, earlier this month. Charging documents said Bradfield admitted to investigators that he strangled Pimentel at his girlfriend’s Port Angeles home.

Police said Kendall Huether was present during the murder and did nothing to stop it. The couple is also accused of driving with Huether’s three children and dumping Pimentel’s body in a wooded area near the Hood Canal Bridge.

For family members, being in the courtroom was emotionally difficult.

“It’s hard coming here and seeing them, knowing that when she was missing they looked at me and lied to our face and said they had no idea where Jennifer is,” said Richard Taylor, Pimentel's cousin.

Her family believes the couple was using Pimentel for her social security checks, but never imagined it would end like this.

“It was a tremendous loss for no reason at all.  That girl was taken away from so many people,” said Ronalee Pimentel, Jennifer's aunt.

Pimentel’s family said Jennifer was childhood friends with Huether and would visit her about once a month.

In initial interviews with police, Bradfield said Pimentel slipped down the stairs and broke her neck and that the couple was scared and tried to conceal the death. Bradfield later admitted Pimentel stopped moving and died when he was “shaking her with his hands around her neck” on October 9th

Huether told detectives she saw this happening and heard Pimentel saying “Stop you’re killing me, please stop.”  Huether said she saw Bradfield lift Pimentel’s upper body from the floor and drop her back down as he said, “look, I killed her.”

The couple will return to court November 17 and 18.