Clemmons' Sister Held On 1.5 Million Dollars Bail
A Pierce County Superior Court judge has ordered Latanya Clemmons to remain in jail on 1.5 million dollars bond. Prosecutor Mark Lindquist had asked her to keep Clemmons in jail three more days for investigation of aiding Lakewood police killer Maurice Clemmons.

Clemmons was arrested Friday at a court hearing for two other women. Detectives say she has lied to them since then and should be considered a flight risk.

Latanya Clemmons has not been charged. She is the seventh friend or relative accused of helping Maurice Clemmons after he shot four officers Nov. 29 at Forza Coffee Company in Lakewood. Clemmons was killed two days later by a Seattle police officer.

She appears in court again Wednesday. If convicted of rendering criminal assistance she could face up to 40 years in prison. She has no apparent criminal history.