A deeper look into the past of Maurice Clemmons is revealing some new insight into his mental state, including his extreme thoughts about religion.

According to family members, Clemmons didn't show signs of mental illness until this past spring.

New York Bishop Bernard Jordan has a first hand account of his bizarre behavior.

Jordan says he'll never forget the day he met Maurice Clemmons at his Manhattan Church "Zoe Ministries" five months ago. Clemmons yelled he needed water during the service, and then had to be ushered out.

"He was trying to get up on the stage and of course he yelled out in the service. That's somebody who is not stable," says Jordan.

Jordan says Clemmons wrote on his Twitter page, and the next day showed up uninvited to his 50th birthday party. Bernard asked how he knew to come and why he didn't RSVP. Clemmons is heard on camera saying "I went on live chat. God called me."

A friend with Clemmons introduced him to the Bishop as Jesus Christ. According to family members we spoke with, Clemmons became obsessed with religion this past spring. They say a man Clemmons thought was a devil worshipper lived in a trailer on his property in Tacoma. Clemmons said that man put a hex on him.

Whatever Clemmons might have believed about him, it was clear to people at Bishop Jordan's church, something wasn't right.

"We knew then there was something definitely wrong. It was a cry for help," says Bernard.

On October 19th, Clemmons was evaluated at Western State Hospital to see if he was mentally fit to stand trial for assaulting a police officer in May 2009. Despite his religious thoughts and other hallucinations, the evaluator found Clemmons to be competent.