Timeline: Clemmons On The Run
Court papers say it was Saturday night when Maurice Clemmons showed off two guns and told at least three people he was going to shoot police. By Sunday morning, four cops were dead – and a wounded Clemmons was on the run.

According to court documents; witnesses saw Clemmons leave the shooting scene in a white truck parked a couple of blocks away. A short time later, accused accomplice Ricky Hinton says Clemmons showed up at his house on 132nd Street South. Brothers Douglas and Eddie Davis were also there.

Court documents show they told investigators Clemmons said he had quote "taken care of his business" and they believed he was talking about killing police officers. Investigators say the men admitted they drove Clemmons to a family member's house in the Algona\Pacific area. There, a female relative treated his gunshot wound.

Piece County Sheriff's Office Detective Ed Troyer said "when the whole thing was over and we found him, he had gauze and cotton stuffed in the hole with duct tape over the top."

The Davis brothers told police they later helped Clemmons meet up with another woman and he left with her. Later on Sunday -- court documents show a woman admits she picked up Clemmons in a parking lot in Seattle and took him to her home. The woman says she bought medical supplies and treated his wound a second time, before dropping him off in Seattle's Leschi neighborhood.

Clemmons had apparently planned to stay with relatives there but according to court documents, when they realized he was wanted - they went to Police. Police weren't sure whether Clemmons ever made it to that house. After an 11-hour standoff, they realized they'd just missed him.

24 hours later, they would have their final encounter with a cop killer.