MANHUNT OVER: Maurice Clemmons Shot and Killed By Seattle Police
A two day manhunt had come to an end. Maurice Clemmons, the suspect in the murders of four Lakewood Police officers has been shot and killed by Seattle Police. Officers say at the time of the shooting Clemmons had a weapon on him that belonged to one of the the Lakewood officers he's accused of shooting.

It all began when a 7 year veteran to the Seattle police was patrolling the area of the 4400 block of South Kenyon Street in the Rainier Valley around 2:45 a.m. Tuesday morning. The officer noticed an unoccupied stolen vehicle parked on the side of the street. The vehicle was reported stolen earlier Monday night. The vehicle was running and no one was in it. That's when the officer noticed movement behind his patrol car. He got out of his patrol car and recognized a man who looked like Maurice Clemmons, the suspect in the Lakewood Police shootings approaching him. The officer ordered the man to stop and show his hands. The man refused and started to run back around the patrol car. The officer again told him to stop and fired several rounds. Seattle Fire quickly responded to the scene and it was determined that the man, Maurice Clemmons, was dead.

There have been several other arrests in the past 24 hours, including that of the suspected get-away driver and three other people who aided and abetted Clemmons over the past two day. Prosecutors will arraign all in the next 48 hours. Authorities are still actively working to find others who helped him including friends and relatives and Pierce County Sheriff's spokeman Ed Troyer says he expects more arrests Tuesday.

Authorities suspected 37-year old Clemmons of gunning down four police officers at Forza Coffee shop Sunday morning in Lakewood, a suburb about 35 miles south of Seattle. Troyer said Tuesday morning that Clemmons was shot in the abdomen during the attack on the Lakewood officers. Troyer said the wound was so bad it's hard to believe that Clemmons was able to survive for two more days.

His death comes just one day after authorities said they believed Clemmons was being helped to escape capture by a network of friends and family.

On Monday night, officers had surrounded a house in the south Seattle suburb of Renton, questioning residents who may have aided Maurice Clemmons since the Sunday morning shootings. No one was arrested.

Authorities also said some of those who have helped Clemmons have tried to mislead police. "Yes, we think we've been given misinformation. Our main goal is to get him into custody, then we'll deal with everything else," Troyer told reporters in Renton Monday night.

Investigators also say police are certain Clemmons was in a Seattle house late Sunday night, but was able to flee before police could contain the area.

Earlier Monday, Seattle Police were tracking multiple reported sightings of Clemmons around the Seattle area including the University of Washington and the Beacon Hill area.

Clemmons had a warrant for four counts of first degree murder in the shooting deaths of Sgt. Mark Renninger, 39, and Officers Ronald Owens, 37, Tina Griswold, 40, and Greg Richards, 42.