Biden Drums Up Support For Murray
In a crowd of support, more than a 1000 people gathered at the University of Washington’s Tacoma campus Friday.  They were there to see Vice President Joe Biden as he made a stop in Western Washington to drum up support for Senator Patty Murray.  He may not be a UW Husky but he came wearing a purple raincoat.

Biden spoke to the crowd about Wall Street, jobs and the state of the economy.  He claims the bailout is working and the banks will repay their debt.  "The cowboy mentality on Wall Street has now come to an end" says the Vice President.

Biden went on to argue that the president and himself were handed a fiscal mess when they took office.  He said our problems are the result of a eight years of an economy "based on financial speculation."

Murray is fighting to keep her seat on the Senate.  She is being challenged by Republican Dino Rossi.  Murray emphasized her track record of keeping jobs in the state and protecting the middle class. 

She claims Rossi, would take the country back to “failed policies of George W. Bush.”   Meanwhile, Rossi says democratic efforts to fix the economy haven't worked, and it's time to change course.

Former President Bill Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama will be making visits to the state in support of Murray later this month.

The Vice President's visit to Washington is his first since being elected.  His tour throughout the country is aimed at boosting support for Democratic candidates heading into the midterm election.