A new park in Kent has opened, but this isn't your ordinary park. It has a video game system for the kids to play with in addition to the typical playground equipment.

Normally parents take their kids to the park to get away from video games, but this one seems to be getting a thumbs up from parents. Kent Mayor, Suzette Cooke admits she was skeptical, at first. But they decided to take a chance on the first video game in a park in western Washington. "Well, this is a whole different kind of video game, this is an outdoor interactive video game," Cooke explained.

The contraption features lights, buttons and noises and engages players in various memory and reaction games. It's definitely more like Wii Fit than an Xbox Halo marathon.

Kids and parents got a preview Friday night and it didn't take long for the machine to get crowded with children and adults playing the games. They were running, jumping and bumping their way to high scores while getting a little workout in the process.

Mom Robyn DeSaetel liked what she saw "I think it's great because it might attract people that just might be in to videos then they'll start using some of the physical stuff get them outside."

8-year-old Jackie Jacobs described the game as "awesome". "It gets all your energy out, like gets all your wiggles out and stuff," she explained.

The video game sits inside a new park near the Wilson Playfields. The city used fees collected from developers and donations to pay for the land and all the equipment including the NEOS video game system. Kent was able to buy the machine for $16,000, half the normal price.

Kent Mayor Suzette Cooke said she's enjoyed playing the game and watching children try it out. The new park is filled with different kinds of playground equipment that have parents and children excited. "Something for everyone, there's a child in all of us that needs to still play," Cooke explained.