DUI Suspect In Double Fatal Crash To Remain In Jail A Full Year Before Trial
He's right where he's supposed to be.

That's what a judge said today about Alexander Peder, the suspected drunk driver charged with killing two Decatur High School students just before graduation.

The boys' families members were relieved to know Peder will spend a full year in jail before trial.

Derek King and Nicholas Hodgins died in June after prosecutors say Peder slammed into their broken down car on I-5 near Tukwila.

A third teen was with them and was hurt.

Peder had been arrested for DUI twice before. The first was changed to reckless endangerment, and the second was as well, because of state lab toxicology problems.

The boys' families wore t-shirts today that read "DUI Laws -- Time For Change".

"It's a sad state of affairs when two young boys, my son, and my friend's son, have to be killed to actually get somebody to actually be charged with a DUI," said Derek's father, Randall King. "So obviously his first DUI was deferred, his second DUI was deferred. The only reason that this revocation hearing revoked his second DUI was because he killed two young teenagers."

The boys' relatives say they want our court system to stop offering deferments and lesser charges in DUI cases.

If convicted, Peder will spend five to seven years in prison, a sentence relatives say is far less than what he deserves.