Rep. Brian Baird Starts Series of Town Hall Meetings in SW Washington
Congressman Brian Baird did something out of the ordinary tonight.

In reaction to loud outbursts at town halls, the Southwest Washington Representative said he would not hold a town hall meeting on health care reform.

An apology and a change of heart brought Baird to his first in a series of five town hall meetings he intends to hold.

Baird addresses the crowd at the Clark County Fairgrounds and gets mixed reviews on just what kind of reform the public really wants. He heard loud cheers on both sides of the coin.

Baird says, "there are some folks just dead set against a public option. No public option, it's creeping into socialism. And then there are some folks, a lot of folks who say public option is absolutely essential, I want to choose it."

Baird says he'll also hold private meetings with doctors, nurses and small business owners.