When you think of First and Pike in Seattle what usually comes to mind is the Public Market, high priced condominiums and coffee shops. But many people don't know that area also harbors a dark past. Now, there's a new tour that explores Seattle's sexual history.

"Lust Tour" Guide Paul Brown shows the Seattle sights with a little old time spice.

"Early on Seattle is called the wickedest city in the west, very early on in its history," said Brown.

Paul says the 90 minute walking tour strolls through what used to be a smut paradise of peep shows, porn shops, and prostitutes.

"Everything from obviously prostitution and strip clubs to drag shows and burlesque and theatre and also some of the darker elements around that," said Brown.

Paul says it includes a place where booze and babes were big business.

"That's right a brothel right here in the Pike Place Market it runs from 1942 to 1951," said Brown.

For tourists like Sue Holmes a sinful Seattle is a little hard to imagine.

"Just seems like a beautiful lovely city take it for what it looks like today, I would have never have known scratching the surface this was underneath," said Holmes.

According to Paul Hollywood ate up fleshy First Avenue.

"Even in a couple of films in the 70's that were filmed here, one of the reasons they didn't have to build the sets because all of the porn stores and the pawn shops was actually right here," said Brown.

Paul says Pike Street was also where two dimes and a nickel brought smiles in the aisles.

Another stop that Paul makes on the tour of flesh avenue is a joint everyone remembers the old Lusty Lady that just shutdown.

"It was one of the last vestiges sandwiched in between the Four Seasons on one side, the Harbor Steps apartments and across the street from the Art Museum.

By the 1980's Seattle decided a First Avenue this sexy wasn't good for its image, so, it became the PG version you see today.

But, if you're ever strolling through downtown and the mood strikes, this is one tour that Gary Holmes says will leave you lusting for old Seattle

"Again it was how quickly things changed from what it looks like now again a historical perspective it was interesting," said Holmes.