Former NFL quarterback Ryan Lead is back in Texas to face drug and burglary charges in court Thursday. U.S. Border Patrol Agents arrested him as he tried to re-enter the country at the Peace Arch Crossing.

Mike Milne says Border Patrol Agents arrested Leaf Wednesday morning after they ran the license plates on his truck and got a hit that he was wanted out of Texas.

"His ID was confirmed, a warrant out of Amarillo Texas was confirmed and he was arrested and turned over to Whatcom County Sheriff's Deputies," said Milne.

Prosecutors in Randall County, Texas turned up the heat on Leaf and set a Thursday deadline for him to turn himself in for an indictment on burglary and drug charges. His attorney in Texas Bill Kelly says his alleged run from the law has been blown out of proportion.

"Everybody has been hollering about he needs to turn himself in, the DA down here in Texas has known all along that Ryan would be turning himself in the middle of June," said Kelly.

The 33 year old Leaf appeared in Whatcom County Court Wednesday afternoon, a judge set his bail at $45,000 and he posted bond. His local Attorney Jeffrey Lustick says Leaf was coming back from Canada after receiving treatment for an addiction to pain killers.

"Mr. Leaf wanted to do the right thing, he got into drug rehab he's going to face these charges," said Lustick.

The former embattled number one pick for the San Diego Chargers that took the Cougars to the Rose Bowl in 1998, Leaf was indicted last month in Texas on burglary and drug charges. Leaf's Texas attorney Bill Kelly says his client is a changed man.

"The Ryan Leaf that I know is different from the perception that was painted of him back when he was drafted," said Kelly.

Leaf was quarterbacks coach at West Texas A & M for three seasons when he was investigated for drugs. Court documents accuse Leaf of breaking into a home and falsifying his medical history to get the painkiller hydrocodone.

Leaf's attorney says his client would be flying back to Texas late Wednesday night from Sea-Tac International Airport to Amarillo, Texas to appear in court Thursday. But, he could be ordered to return to Bellingham in July for another hearing on his arrest here.